FAQ: Vscode Javascript Comment?

How do I comment in JavaScript code in Visual Studio?

Currently in Visual studio code it could be done by pressing combination – Shift+Alt+A and comment “jsx” code it produces – {/**/} comments.

How do you comment code in VSCode?

Comment-out code in VSCode

  1. Windows: Ctrl + /
  2. Mac: Command + /

How do you comment multiple lines in VSCode?

The keyboard shortcut to comment multiple in Windows is shift + alt + A.

How do you write a comment in JSDoc?

JSDoc comments should generally be placed immediately before the code being documented. Each comment must start with a /** sequence in order to be recognized by the JSDoc parser. Comments beginning with /*, /***, or more than 3 stars will be ignored.

How do I comment out JSX code?

Writing comments in React JSX To write comments in JSX, you need to use JavaScript’s forward-slash and asterisk syntax, enclosed inside a curly brace {/* comment here */}.

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How do I comment multiple lines in Yaml?

yaml files), you can comment-out multiple lines by:

  1. selecting lines to be commented, and then.
  2. Ctrl + Shift + C.

How do I comment out HTML code?

To write HTML comments put <! — and —> at either end of the comment. HTML comments are notes to keep HTML code organized and are ignored by the browser.

How do you block a code or comment?

Fortunately, if you use Visual Studio Code, commenting a block of code is really quick and easy. All you need to do is select that code block with your mouse, then press the following key combination: Ctrl + K then press Ctrl + C if you’re using Windows.

How do you remove a comment in VS code?

Once installed, remove comments in your code by opening the command palette (Ctrl+Shift+P), entering “Remove all comments” and pressing enter.

How do you comment multiple lines in typescript?


  1. press Ctrl+Alt+C twice.
  2. or select ‘Comment code’ from your context menu.
  3. or insert /** above the line of code.

How do you comment multiple lines in Java?

Multi line comments in Java start with /* and end with */. You can comment multiple lines just by placing them between /* and */.

How do you comment multiple lines in Visual Studio python?

On python the only way is “”” “””, practically just a string. All you need to do is select the block of code and type ctrl+1. You should be all set! To make the comment of a block, it is a sequence of keys: Ctrl-K + Ctrl+C and to un-comment Ctrl-K + Ctrl-U.

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What are JSDoc comments?

JSDoc is a markup language used to annotate JavaScript source code files. Using comments containing JSDoc, programmers can add documentation describing the application programming interface of the code they’re creating.

Is JSDoc dead?

JSDoc is not dead (far from it), people just don’t frequently use automated docs generation tooling in the JS community. that committee must exist as long as the JS exists, then no risk to have an abandoned spec.

Does JSDoc work with TypeScript?

You can use most JSDoc types and any TypeScript type, from the most basic like string to the most advanced, like conditional types.

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