Question: Documentation Comment In Java?

What is a documentation comment?

In source code files, comments having a certain form can be used to direct a tool to produce XML from those comments and the source code elements, which they precede. Comments using such syntax are called documentation comments. The output produced by the documentation generator is called the documentation file.

How do you write a comment document in Java?

The special comments in the Java source code that are delimited by the /** */ delimiters. These comments are processed by the Javadoc tool to generate the API docs. The JDK tool that generates API documentation from documentation comments.

What type of documentation comments can be used in a Java program?

There are three types of Java comments:

  • Single-line Comments. As the name suggests, it is for the beginners and is in a single line Java comments.
  • Multi-line Comments.
  • Documentation Comments.

What is multiline comment?

Multiline comments are used for large text descriptions of code or to comment out chunks of code while debugging applications. Comments are ignored by the compiler.

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How do I write a PHPDoc comment?

In a PHPDoc block, select the desired empty line and press Ctrl+Space. Select the relevant tag from the suggestion list. If the entered tag has several values, press Ctrl+Space and select the desired value from the suggestion list.

What are the three types of comments in Java?

In Java there are three types of comments:

  • Single – line comments.
  • Multi – line comments.
  • Documentation comments.

How do you write comments for Javadoc?

Writing Javadoc Comments In general, Javadoc comments are any multi-line comments ( ” /** */ ” ) that are placed before class, field, or method declarations. They must begin with a slash and two stars, and they can include special tags to describe characteristics like method parameters or return values.

What is single line comment in Java?

The single-line comment is used to comment only one line of the code. It is the widely used and easiest way of commenting the statements. Single line comments starts with two forward slashes (//). Any text in front of // is not executed by Java.

What are the two types of comments?

Using Two Types of Comments

  • Marginal comments.
  • End comments.

What are the types of comments?

The Four Types of Comments

  • The Wise Comment. The wise comment is one that shares knowledge.
  • The Wicked Comment.
  • The Ignorant Comment.
  • The One Who Didn’t Read.
  • Coda.

How do you write a multi line comment in Java?

Multi line comments in Java start with /* and end with */. You can comment multiple lines just by placing them between /* and */.

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What are block comments?

Block comments delimit a region of source code which may span multiple lines or a part of a single line. This region is specified with a start delimiter and an end delimiter. Some programming languages (such as MATLAB) allow block comments to be recursively nested inside one another, but others (such as Java) do not.

Which of the following is a multi line comment comment #commet comment?

Answer: /*and*/ This is used for multi line comment in python..

How do you comment multiple lines in VS code?

The keyboard shortcut to comment multiple in Windows is shift + alt + A.

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